Jens Rybo: vocals, acoustic guitars, bass, organ, broom
Jeremy Waybright: drums, keyboards
Theresa Thompson: violin, piano
Birds from Hollis, NH: singing

Produced and recorded by Jens Rybo and Jeremy Waybright in Cambridge, MA and Tube Workshop Studio in Hollis, NH


Tried Not to Break

It’s late at night
What do I want to say?
Your daughter was born today
Eight thousand miles away

Her little head in your hands
So pure and divine
It’s been such a long, long time
Since I held yours in mine

‘Twas many years ago
A time when I couldn’t stay
I could say that I’m sorry
That I walked away

I tried not to break
But was it already broken?
Tried not to break, break, break

Good times at the park
At night we put your toys back on the shelf
And there were times I felt like I failed you
When I hated myself

Then one day you turned away
What we had went up in smoke
Long car rides back from the mountains
When you and I barely spoke

I tried not to break…

But for every rift
There’s a way to mend
To carry the hurt gets so heavy in the end

I blow out the candle
I put down the pen
May she sleep in your arms right now
As the sun rises

I tried not to break
Maybe nothing was broken
Tried not to break, break, break